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The Office of Academic Affairs is proud to announce The Unafraid Symposium, our third annual gathering to celebrate academic excellence at Pacific School of Religion. This year’s theme is Creating a World Where All Can Thrive: Imagining, Deconstructing, Healing, Rebuilding.

This Unafraid Symposium is designed to be a beacon for scholars, practitioners, and dreamers who share PSR’s dedication to a fearless approach to building knowledge and creating a world where all can thrive. It will celebrate the academic achievements of our students and facilitate a robust dialogue to transform our world. 

The presented work will reflect PSR’s mission to build collective knowledge and create a world where all can thrive; demonstrate how emerging theologies and spiritual practice can inform and transform our communal life; and provide insight into applying these ideas within and beyond spiritual communities, emphasizing innovation, resilience, and inclusivity.

It’s also a day to be together in community and to spark conversations that will lead to future collaboration and innovation.

Student Applications to Present

PSR students in all programs are eligible to submit a project – MDiv, DMin, CSSC, MAST, CTEL, MTS, and MA. Students looking to apply to be part of The Unafraid Symposium can download the submission guidelines here, and the submission form here. All applications are due by 9pm PT on Friday, March 1, 2024.


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