In our pluralistic world, many people understand the important relationship between theological study and other vocations. This insight has inspired students to spend time in seminary to broaden their understanding of their faith and explore and clarify vocational goals. Some are not pursuing lay or ordained ministries in the church, but rather have an interest in the place where theology, Christian ethics, or spirituality intersect with their current or desired vocation.

The CTS.program is designed to be completed as a one-year full-time on-campus program or a three-year part-time flexible-learning program.

It is not uncommon for students entering PSR as CTS students to transfer to the Master of Divinity, Master of Theological Studies, or the GTU Common Master of Arts program. If a CTS student has even a slight interest in one of these programs, it is a good idea to consider taking courses each semester that are required for the master’s programs. If a student is admitted to a degree program, credits earned in the CTS program may be applied to that program if they fall within its stipulations.

For further program details, refer to the academic catalog.