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Join us at 9am PDT on September 22, 2021 for a Zoom webinar celebrating the opening of a new online exhibition from the Badè Museum at Pacific School of Religion!

The webinar coincides with the debut of a new web exhibit entitled “Unsilencing the Archives: The Laborers of the Tell en-Nasbeh Excavations (1926-1935).” The exhibit showcases archival documents, photographs, and film held by the Badè Museum that illustrate the untold stories of local laborers, landowners, and Egyptian foremen who contributed to the excavations at Nasbeh in Mandate Palestine.

The roundtable discussion features a virtual tour of the exhibit by the curators, Dr. Melissa Cradic and Samuel Pfister, and an exciting lineup of panelists including Dr. Hamed Salem, Birzeit University (Palestine), Dr. Eric Cline, George Washington University (U.S.A.), and Dr. Allison Mickel, Lehigh University (U.S.A.).

The exhibit was developed with support from the Badè Museum of Biblical Archaeology and the Palestine Exploration Fund, a U.K.-based cultural heritage organization.


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