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The Office of Academic Affairs and Pacific School of Religion is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Academic Excellence Day focused on the intersection of scholarship and activism.

Academic Excellence Day at PSR, endeavors to honor, recognize, and celebrate projects and presentations by students and faculty that showcase the breadth and depth of PSR’s commitment to preparing students to live, lead, and build a world where all can thrive. Through this day, we hope to build community, share best practices and innovative ideas, establish connections, and create space for future collaborations. All are welcome.

The event promises to be one of the highlights of the academic year!

Featured Speakers

“TERF” a mini case study on trans exclusionary radical feminism, transphobia, and J.K. Rowling — Ryan Cassata

A Field Guide to Salvation Without Colonization – Leanne Younger

Beyond the “Clobber Passages”: Toward a Transgender Christian Ethic of Liberation – Micah Melody Taberner

Twelve Steps from Gerasene – Jude Pond

Tending to the Soil of Community –Michele Winter

A Case Study on the Problem of Married Migrant Women in Korea — Sanghyeon Jin

Nonpublic Schools in the Public Eyes of Neurodiverse Students — Najon Saina Tuiolemotu, Roxana Perez and Sai Opeta

Proposed Spiritual Elements for a Municipal Reparations Program — Kate Steinberg & Jennifer Hughes


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