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Lived Theology in Asian America

Race, Justice, and Politics in Transpacific Context

April 23-24, 2021 • Online Conference

Asian American Program at Princeton Theological Seminary

Register Here: https://ltiaa.com/

Rising anti-Asian racism in the United States paired with ongoing debates over race and Black Lives Matter together have sparked critical reflection on the role of Asian Americans in domestic politics. The 2020 presidential election revealed political tensions among Asian Americans across ethnic, class, religious, and generational lines. Christian clergy and laity have expressed renewed interest in the tasks of racial reconciliation and justice, the relation between Christianity and politics, and the unique transpacific contexts of Asian churches here and abroad. Yet, many Asian American Christians struggle to find their place in these heated debates and desire a critical theology that articulates and is responsive to their discontent.

This conference draws upon history, social science, and ethnography to explore the lived experience of Asian Christian communities and articulate a lived theology of Asian Americans. How does Christian faith shape Asian American participation in conversations about race, justice, and politics? How do stories of transpacific migration motivate Asian communities differently than other groups in the work of justice? What historical precedents or case studies might we turn to, to form a better kind of politics in our churches and communities?

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