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Join us for a Dean’s Tea: Theologies of the Pacific Rim, with guest speaker, Dr. Jeffrey Acido. This event will be a unique dialogical encounter designed to deepen our understanding of the diverse and rich spiritual traditions of the Pacific Rim regions. Set in a casual, yet intellectually stimulating environment, this gathering will be both educational and engaging.

 Some questions we will explore include: 

  • Where exactly is “The Pacific Rim?”
  • Who are you/who are we? Where do we come from? 
  • Are theologies from the Pacific Rim all Christian?
  • Why are these areas still “colonized?”
  • What is “decolonization” in regards to the Pacific Rim?
  • Are there movements of decolonization in these areas, or, is it driven mainly by US academics in their relative security?
  • What are some resources for students or the general public for engaging with theologies of the Pacific Rim?
  • How can we at PSR raise awareness in our communities about the need to be in solidarity with the peoples of the Pacific Rim?

Your presence adds a unique voice to this vital conversation. Join our Dean’s Tea dialogue so we can deepen our understanding of how our personal stories connect to global stories, and how spiritually-rooted leaders are called to be in solidarity.

Please email lrhine@psr.edu to RSVP

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