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Pacific School of Religion’s Dean, Dr. Susan Abraham, will give the keynote address at Schreiter Institute Symposium on Trauma Culture and Spirituality.

The Robert J Schreiter, CPPS, Institute for Precious Blood Spirituality at Catholic Theological Union’s symposium, A Praxis of Reconciliation: Trauma, Culture, & Spirituality, will explore opportunities and challenges for interculturally recognizing, narrating, and healing various manifestations of trauma in praxes of reconciliation and restorative justice.  Schreiter’s work balanced scholarly rigor with practical effectiveness and spiritual guidance and this symposium will continue in that pathway.  Each panel will be composed of one established scholar, one artist or practitioner, and one graduate student or young scholar, each of whom will do a presentation on their understanding of their session’s topic through their own work and then a facilitator will bring everyone into mutually constructive dialogue.

Dean Abraham’s keynote, “Possibilities and Limitations of the Discourse of Trauma in Social Healing” will take place at 4:30 pm CT / 2:30 pm PT, and will be available both online and in person at the Catholic Theological Union, Room 210, 5416 South Cornell Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60615.

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