A Call to Queer Solidarity: A Reflection by CLGS's Transgender Roundtable Coordinator, Rev. Jakob Hero-Shaw
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CLGS has a rich tradition of creating dialogues and curriculums for communities of color intersecting queer identity and religious faith.  We begin the fall semester focused on organizing within Muslim communities and the lives of LGBTQ people.  Kamal Fizazi and Ramish Nadeem will share their experiences of working for LGBTQ equality from an Islamic perspective.

Kamal Fizazi (they/he) is a consultant, organizer and activist who strives to advance and promote dignity, liberation, human rights, healing, justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging for all. Kamal’s passion and drive for collective liberation, justice and equity spring from and are nourished by their faith, Maliki Sunni Islam. Kamal serves as Board Chair of UHAI EASHRI USA, Inc., and on the Board of the US HIV/AIDS Faith Coalition as well as the Faith in Harm Reduction Coalition. Professionally Kamal offers strategic consulting and partnership development to social impact businesses and nonprofits.

Ramish Nadeem is a young Muslim organizer who oversees the Muslim youth Leadership Council (MyLC) and the Youth Advocate, Agitate Project (YAAP) in his work as Program Manager of International and Muslim Youth Advocacy at Advocates for Youth. MyLC, a groundbreaking and radically welcoming project that brings together Muslim young people from across the country, united in challenging Islamophobia in the U.S., creating safe and supportive spaces for LGBTQ Muslim youth, and advocating for inclusion of young Muslims in Reproductive Justice programming and promotion of health and rights. MyLC also hosts the #MuslimAnd campaign.

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