A Call to Queer Solidarity: A Reflection by CLGS's Transgender Roundtable Coordinator, Rev. Jakob Hero-Shaw
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CLGS’s Latinx Roundtable coordinator, Dr. Carla Roland Guzmán, presents the work and resource “Gender, Sexuality, and the Bible” in this informative session for activists, clergy and laity wanting to do faith organizing within Latinx religious communities.  These resources are available free of charge and can be downloaded from our website www.fefamiliaigualdad.org.  The resources can function together with the available curriculum or be used individually.

Dr. Carla Roland Guzmán is a Puerto Rican, queer, gender-non-conforming Episcopal priest and academic. Since 2004, they have served at St. Matthew & St. Timothy’s—a NYC bilingual, multicultural, and inclusive outreach- and community-focused congregation; since 2019 as an Affiliate Faculty at GTS. Dr. Roland is an adjunct at Pacific Lutheran, University of the South, and Union Theological Seminary (NYC). They published Unmasking Latinx Ministry for Episcopalians: An Anglican Approach (2020) and have written for various journals and participated in various advisory groups. They work toward the full inclusion of Latinx and LGBTQ+ people and communities in all aspects of the Church.

Since 2016, they coordinate a roundtable of the Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion (clgs.org), promoting understanding, acceptance, and affirmation of Latinx LGBTQ+ people and families….and was profiled in NBC Out’s #Pride30 (2018).  Dr. Roland holds a BS from Cornell (1994); MDiv from CDSP/MA from GTU (2001); PhD from Exeter/Hartford (2017), and has received fellowships/grants from HTI, the Episcopal Church Foundation, and the Louisville Institute.

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