Recent graduate Jessie Ratcliff (MDiv '24) shares a reflection on how his identity as a trans person of color intersects with the social justice and spiritual work of environmentalism.
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Join Us for this CLGS online African American Roundtable Conversation celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Souls A’Fire

Rev. Cedric Harmon, Rev. Gwen Thomas, and Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow for an intimate conversation about their work as organizers of the CLGS Souls A’Fire conferences.  The first Souls A’Fire conference took place in 2003 with Dr. Johari Jobir, the first Coordinator of the CLGS African-American Roundtable.  Over the years conversations about Black Queer Theology have evolved and grown deeper and many of the Souls A’Fire Conference Fellows have grown in their careers as academics and activists.

This CLGS African American Roundtable Conversation will include reflections on the past 20 years of this work and we will also explore mentoring the next generations of those who will work at the intersections of the Black Church, social justice, creative theology, and queer identities.

Souls A’Fire 8 will take place online on April 22nd, 2023. Registration to come!


Rev. Cedric A. Harmon

An ordained pastor affiliated with the National Baptist and Missionary Baptist Churches, Cedric served as religious organizer for Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. For 13 years he recruited and trained clergy from around the country to provide legislative testimony about issues of religion and government. He’s also known for his writing and television appearances on human rights and social justice and he serves on several boards having to do with sexuality and religion.

Rev. Gwen Thomas

Reverend Gwen Thomas is an avowed Liberation Theologian and Womanist.  She is ordained by the Fellowship of Affirming Ministries and the United Church of Christ. Outside of faith-based work and activism, Gwen is a speaker, consultant, and writer. Gwen presents on various professional development and personal growth topics. She has also provided training and motivational speaking throughout the United States, in the Caribbean and six other countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow

Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow, Managing Director for the Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion, is licensed with the Metropolitan Community Church and United Church of Christ. Currently, he is the Senior Pastor of Metropolitan Community Church Detroit and also works with congregations on LGBTQ inclusion as the Director of Ministerial Outreach for the African-American Roundtable, a program of the Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion on the campus of Pacific School of Religion.

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