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This I Believe: Florentino Cordova

The Alumnx Council of PSR meets bi-monthly. As a practice, they take turns sharing “This I believe.” We’ll post these inspiring testimonials as they are created.

This month’s post is from Florentino Cordova (MDiv ’13)

This is I believe… That the spirits of our family matriarchs continue to guide us.

That the God they sought for fairness and equality in their time is still present in us today.

That the God they said to be unreachable to a young and frightened gay boy in the 70s surrounds him with love today.

That the God who was depicted as a white and angry god of my youth is truly an all-gender, all-color, all-identity, all-creature loving God.

This I believe – that there will be peace in our world.

This I believe – that the children will no longer suffer the abuses of this world.

This I believe – that those who are struggling for their next breath will find it without pain.

This I believe – that the 957,427 families who have lost families because of COVID-19 will find comfort.

This I believe – that the children of Ukraine buried in rubble to what was once the Miracle hospital will be rescued.

This I believe – that our world will continue to work for healing, healing of nations, healing of our planet, healing of our people, healing of our souls on this season of Lent. Amen and Ashe

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