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New Badè Museum Lecture Series Announced


The Badè Museum is pleased to announce its upcoming 2022-2023 virtual lecture series, “Women and Gender Performance in the Ancient Middle East.” This public program is co-sponsored by the Badè Museum and UC Berkeley’s Archaeological Research Facility (ARF).

All the lectures in this series can be watched live on the ARF Youtube channel where you can also catch up on past lectures.


2022-23 Schedule

September 22nd @ 9:30 am PT

Dr. Jennie Ebeling

“Women and Gender Performance in the World of the Hebrew Bible: New Perspectives, Future Possibilities”


October 12th @ 9:30 am PT

Dr. Cynthia Shafer-Elliott

“Women and Domestic Spaces at Iron II Tel Halif ”


November 3rd @ 9:30 am PT

Dr. Alixx Ortiz-Roberts

“Agency Theory and the Agencies of Daughters in the Hebrew Bible”


December 8th @ 9:30 am PT

Dr. Aaron Brody

“Women’s Religious Rituals and the Sea: Phoenician Coastal Evidence”


January 12th @ 9:30 am PT

Dr. Kristine Garroway

“Raising Children in Ancient Israel”


February 16th @ 9:30 am PT

Dr. Jessie Degrado

“Women Priests and Orientalist Fantasies: A New Look at the Mesopotamian Qadištu”


March 9th @ 9:30 am PT

Dr. Anne Austin

“Tattooed Women, Bes, and the Marsh: Connecting Tattooed Bodies and Figurines at Deir el-Medina, Egypt”


March 23rd @ 9:30 am PT

Dr. Pratima Gopalakrishnan

“Laboring Women: Work and Domestic Space in the Late Ancient Near East”


April 6th @ 9:30 am PT

Dr. Solange Ashby

“Priestess, Queen, Goddess: Women of Nubia”


May 11th @ 9:30 am PT

Dr. Lauren McCormick

“To See and Be Seen: Looking as a Central yet Underappreciated Attribute of the Judean Pillar Figurine”


June 1st @ 9:30 am PT

Dr. Stephanie Budin

“Women’s Eroticism in the Ancient Near East”

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