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PSR Congratulates Professor Rosado Roman on Completion of her Ph.D.

We are delighted to announce that PSR faculty Dr. Alexandra Rosado Roman has successfully defended her dissertation, Decolonial Betrayals: Afro-Caribbean Decolonial Activisms in Puerto Rico, with all the rights and privileges appertaining thereto!

Describing her dissertation, Rosado Roman said it “underscores the intricate and interconnected nature of the decolonization process, encompassing various dimensions such as the psyche, spirit, body, and land. It emphasizes the importance of adopting a comprehensive and multifaceted approach that addresses intersecting forms of oppression, challenges systemic structures, and prioritizes self-care and collective care. This research also articulates a profound understanding of Puerto Rico’s yearning for freedom, intrinsic sovereignty, and spiritual consciousness; by centering the voices of activists and acknowledging their contributions to anti-racist, anti-sexist, and decolonial movements, the work becomes a crucial legacy of resistance.”

Dr. Rosado Roman joins fellow faculty members Dr. Leonard McMahon and Dr. Lisa Asedillo, who successfully defended their dissertations over the past year.

All three faculty members have contributed scholarship through their dissertations that is distinguished by its originality and interdisciplinary nature. PSR is proud to play a role in nurturing this new generation of scholars of color and thankful that our students have the benefit of learning from them.

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