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Change Happens Now Podcast: Season 6, Episode 6, Letting Spirit Guide Us

Season 6, Episode 6: Letting Spirit Guide Us

The Ignite Institute welcomes a new host for Season 6 of Change Happens Now: education and community advocate, and Pacific School of Religion grad student, Maurice King, aka Mo. Join Mo, sharing space with incredible leaders, thinkers, and practitioners as they walk us through the change that’s happening within them and around them, and how they’re responding to this moment, creating change for our world.   

How can Christian teachings, sacred text, and prophetic witness be brought to the issues calling for Love and Justice in our world today? Master educator, Rev. Tana Roseboro Marsh, Program Coordinator of Theological Education for Leadership (TEL) at PSR, sits down with us to answer that question through the lens of the TEL program. While actively working on issues concerning the LGBTQIA community and disadvantaged youth, Tana is also passionate about doing work in the area of Spirituality and Women of Southern African American descent. She talks with us about her leadership journey, ‘Healing the WOMBman’, letting spirit guide us, and the gifts in having spiritual children. This episode offers inspiration for clergy, laity, and spiritual seekers from diverse racial/ethnic communities to question everything on their educational and leadership journeys, for the betterment of All!

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The Ignite Institute at PSR brings together personal, communal, and spiritual work from wisdom traditions to provide established and emerging leaders with the vision, resilience, and skills to create a world where we can all thrive.  

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