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In Memoriam: Rev. Janice Sommervillie

Rev. Janice Sommerville (May 9, 1951 – December 31, 2020) was the Program Coordinator of Community and Continuing Education for Pacific School of Religion’s Theological Education for Leadership (TEL) Program and earned a Certificate of Ministry Studies (2006) from PSR. She held a BA in Liberal Arts and a Masters Studies in Public Administration and Education with an emphasis in Special Education. She was also the Associate Pastor of City of Refuge, UCC.

“Janice impacted each of our lives in the community in deep ways through her commitment to life and ministry, dedication to making theological education accessible and helping others see, hear, and live out their callings. She shaped the faith journeys of countless students, including her work to launch our Hawaii Cohort of TEL.” – PSR President, Rev. David Vásquez-Levy

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