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Change Happens Now Podcast: Season 6, Episode 1, Changing the World in Quiet Ways

Season 6, Episode 1: Changing the World in Quiet Ways

The Ignite Institute welcomes a new host for Season 6 of Change Happens Now, education and community advocate and Pacific School of Religion grad student, Maurice King, aka Mo. Join Mo, sharing space with incredible leaders, thinkers, and practitioners as they walk us through the change that is happening within them and around them, and how they’re responding to this moment, creating change for our world.   

In this season premiere, Mo talks with award-winning writer, editor, and heart-centered nonprofit/social enterprise professional, Dorcas Cheng-Tozun. Dorcas is the editorial director at Pax, a faith-based nonprofit that seeks to inspire to be peacemakers and justice-seekers. She is also the author of three books, the most recent being Social Justice for the Sensitive Soul, which will be released June 20th, 2023. In this captivating conversation, we hear about her passions, unpack the theory of contemplative activism, and learn how she is changing the world in quiet ways. This episode illustrates pathways for positive social impact for sensitive types and inspires us all to broaden the categories of what we define as social activism.

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