CLGS Executive Director on American Prayer Hour

On the morning of February 4, 2010, CLGS held an interfaith service in PSR's chapel to pray for peace, justice, and dignity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people around the world.

PSR alum documents plight in Haiti

“This is the worst disaster I've covered in the last ten years, given the deep vulnerability of the Haitian people before the quake,” says documentary photographer Paul Jeffrey

PSR alum becomes president of CARE board

PSR alumnus David Howell has been selected as president of the board of directors for GTU’s Center for the Arts, Religion and Education (CARE). He will lead the 13-member board in its mission to ...

PSR alum helps evacuate Haitian orphans

The devastation caused by the recent earthquakes in Haiti has left many in the United States wishing they could help. Annyse Gross, who graduated from PSR in 1980 with a certificate of theological ...

Interfaith dialogue is a "spiritual emergency," EL2010 leader says

When asked why interfaith dialogue is relevant today, Jhos Singer, a 2010 Earl Lectures workshop leader, points to history. “Looking back, it’s evident that death and destruction, hatred, ...

EL2010 preacher talks about 'spiritual but not religious'

This year’s preacher at the Earl Lectures closing worship, Rev. Dr. Donna E. Allen, is the founder and pastor of New Revelation Community Church in Oakland and has been a popular ...

Liturgy not just for church, Earl Lectures speaker says

Liturgy is most often understood as the rituals and worship of church, but liturgist and Episcopal priest Paul Fromberg refutes such a limited definition.

Art provides place to encounter God, EL2010 speaker says

In the Torah, Bezalel was charged with making the tabernacle, a portable dwelling place for the divine presence. Art—whether that be music, theater, poetry, painting or simply living one’s ...

EL2010 presenter sees connectedness of all life through yoga

“Sadly, we live in a world which often demands much of the mind but neglects the body or overuses the body and wastes the mind,” says Indira Allegra, workshop leader at PSR’s 2010 Earl ...

Workshop explores “secular but spiritual” identity

A recent Pew Research Survey of the religious landscape found that 30 percent of young people on the West Coast consider themselves "spiritual but not religious." Of those who mark “non