Flexible Learning at PSR

"Boldness Begins at Home"

Pacific School of Religion is located in the beautiful hills of Berkeley. And in your beautiful living room at home. Flexible Learning includes online, hybrid, blended, intensive, and evening/weekend courses that allow you to study with renowned PSR faculty and fellow students without leaving home, job, or family.

These options are ideal for, but not limited to, distance students who live outside commuting range from the campus in Berkeley. Online courses are taught with simple, robust technology. Hybrid courses combine on-campus and online learning. Intensive courses are conducted on campus in one-, two-, or three-week sessions. Evening/Weekend courses invite students to learn on campus outside of office hours. Seekers, seminarians, clergy and scholars from Berkeley and around the world can easily join together in dialogue around critical theological texts and issues in progressive Christianity.

Follow the links at left or review the frequently asked questions below to learn more about Flexible Learning at PSR. 

What programs are available in Flexible Learning formats?
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What courses are offered?
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Online students outside of California

Pacific School of Religion is either authorized to provide distance education or exempt from such authorization in all U.S. states with the following exception: 

  • PSR is not seeking authorization for and does not provide distance education to residents of Alabama. 

For more information

For general information about Flexible Learning at PSR, contact the Office of Community and Continuing Education at 510/849-8227 or flex@psr.edu. You can also add yourself to the Community and Continuing Education email list here

For more information about how to apply, contact the PSR Admissions Office at 800/999-0528 or 510/849-8253 or admissions@psr.edu.