Faculty News

Andrea Bieler won the Marga Buehrig Award for her co-authored book, The Eucharist: Bodies, Bread and Resurrection (2007). The award is given by a Swiss Foundation that supports academic research in cutting-edge feminist ecumenical work. Andrea was to receive the award at the end of October in Basel, Switzerland.

Joseph Driskill has returned from a spring-semester sabbatical. He completed an article for Presence: The Journal of Spiritual Directors International on the ethics of publishing Mother Teresa’s letters—in violation of her wishes. He was asked to address this topic as a result of work he and PSR Professor Emerita of Theological Ethics Karen Lebacqz did some years ago on ethical issues and spiritual care. The new Chalice Introduction to Disciples Theology includes a chapter on Disciples spirituality that Joe co-wrote with Professor Bonnie Miller-McLemore of Vanderbilt University. During his sabbatical, Joe spent three weeks in Australia. His activities there included a walk with an aboriginal teacher around Uluru, the rock that is sacred to the aboriginal people of Australia; here he learned about Dream Time and other narratives that have shaped aboriginal life. Back in Berkeley, Joe helped move the Disciples Seminary Foundation offices into University Christian Church. He is excited about the possibilities this will offer Disciples students on campus.

Christina Hutchins, adjunct faculty in process theology and UCC theology, received her PhD from GTU last spring in Interdisciplinary Studies: Philosophy and Poetics. In May, she was selected the fi rst Poet Laureate of Albany, CA, where she has lived for 13 years and is a frequent participant in poetry readings and workshops.

Tat-siong Benny Liew’s recent presentations include “Jesus as Flesh: Living and Giving Life in the Shadow of Death,” Society of Asian Biblical Studies, Seoul, South Korea, July 14, and “Reading Asian Americans Reading Scriptures” at the 2008 Asian and Pacific Americans and Religion Research Initiative Conference, August 7-9 at PSR. He was a panelist at Shansi’s Centennial Symposium, Oberlin College, April 13; at US EATWOT, Union Theological Seminary, New York, May 1; and at the 2008 International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, in Auckland, New Zealand. His recent publications are: “When Margins Become Common Ground: Questions of and for Biblical Studies,” in Still at the Margins: Biblical Scholarship Fifteen Years after Voices from the Margin, edited by. R. S. Sugirtharajah (London: T & T Clark, 2008); and, with 5 conversation partners, “Signifying (on) Scriptures: Text(ures) and Orientations,” Religious Studies News, American Academy of Religion, 23 (May 2008).

On August 7 Fumitaka Matsuoka delivered the keynote address, “Amphibolous Faith: Reality Is Multiple,” at the Asian and Pacific Americans and Religion Research Initiative Conference (APARRI), held at PSR.

Mayra Rivera Rivera received the 2008 Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Feminist/Mujerista Professorship, awarded by the Hispanic Summer Program for excellence in teaching feminist/mujerista theology.

Published in PSR Bulletin, Fall 2008, Volume 87, No. 2