Why America Is Not a Christian Nation (and Pray God Never Will Be)

Hubert Locke
January 25, 2006

This address was originally given at Pacific School of Religion's 2006 Earl Lectures and was also utilized by Progressive Christian Witness, a 2006 initiative of PSR designed to bring voices of progressive Christianity to churches nationwide. 

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Locke, Hubert. “America and the Theocratic Vision: Or Why America Is Not a Christian Nation (and Pray God Never Will Be).” Address delivered at the Pacific School of Religion Earl Lectures, January 25, 2006.

Hubert Locke has focused his career on examining justice in society and has a long and distinguished record of community service. He has published numerous books and articles on race, criminal justice, religion, and public policy. He is dean emeritus of the Daniel J. Evans Graduate School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington, has served as acting president and trustee of Pacific School of Religion, and has taught at Wayne State University and the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He is vice chair of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Church Relations Committee.