WebAdvisor Error Messages

While students register, you may encounter a variety of error messages that will notify you why your registration is being prevented. The following are just some of the common error messages you may encounter and how to resolve them.


Account blocks can be placed on your account at any time, and having one may prevent you from obtaining your transcript or diploma; registering or making changes to your registration; checking out books from the library, and even staying in school housing or staying a student at PSR.

To see if you have a block on your account, log in to your WebAdvisor account and click on "Register for Courses" and then "Check for Registration Blocks." If you somehow miss this menu item, you will be notfied of what your blocks are once you attempt to register.

There are several reasons why PSR may place a block on your account, the most common being:

  • Academic hold -- Usually when these are placed, there is a problem with your academics or you have not yet turned in a milestone document (for example, a Vocational Academic Plan or you haven't scheduled your middler), needed for your academic file. Contact: registrar@psr.edu
  • Library Fine hold. You need to pay your library fines before registering.
    Usually this means you owe the GTU money and the block will not be cleared until you pay it. You need to pay your library fines directly to the GTU Library before registering. Contact library@gtu.edu
  • Business Office hold -- please contact your business office. There is a problem with your financial account at PSR and you will need to visit the GTU Business Office to clear it. Contact: ngalvan@gtu.edu, gvo@gtu.edu, or epeterson@gtu.edu.

Other Error messages

  • [course] - Student requires faculty consent to register in [course]. 
    Click on "Students Menu", click on "Get Permission to Register for Restricted Courses", and enter in the necessary Course PIN(s). If you do not have the PIN, please email the instructor for it. See "Restricted Courses" below for more information on how to do that.
  • [course] – You can’t place [course] on the schedule at this time.
    Registration period for your desired semester is closed. Please wait until registration opens or make changes with “Change in Enrollment” forms.
  • Invalid PIN code  
    Either your PIN code is incorrect or your term is incorrect.
  • Section [course] - is not available for this registration period.
    Course was cancelled, or you typed in something incorrect in one of the fields. 
  • Synonym [text] - is not available for this registration period.
    You typed in something in the Synonym field. Please delete it and leave the Synonym column blank.
  • Unable to populate required phantom field STUDENTS.ID
    You have not yet logged in. Please click on the "Log In" tab at the top right-hand side of your menu and enter in your username and 6-digit password. Note that your student ID number is not the same as your password
  • Username not found in the registry. Please contact your system administrator.
    You typed in the incorrect login. Make sure your password is a 6-digit number, not 7-digit. If you still have problems, see the registrar.
  • You are not eligible for registration.
    You cannot register without declaring a health insurance choice. Please select a choice from the Health Insurance Selection menu item in WebAdvisor.

    Click on "Students Menu", click on Health Insurance Selection, choose from the drop-down menu your choice. If you are taking fewer than 9 units, choose Not Applicable unless you want the school's health insurance plan and are taking at least 6 units.

Remember that if you see any of the above error messages you most likely will not be able to register or make any changes to your schedule.  To make sure you are registered, print out a copy of your schedule by clicking on "My Class Scheule" as confirmation of your registration. If you are still experiencing problems with error messages and blocks in WebAdvisor, please contact your registrar.