We Are Called: Vocation in a Swiftly Changing World

January 27–29, 2004

"We Are Called: Vocation in a Swiftly Changing World" was the theme of Pacific School of Religion's (PSR) 103rd annual Earl Lectures and Pastoral Conference at First Congregational Church of Berkeley. This three-day event featured lectures, workshops, creative worship, and conversations with scholars, pastors, community organizers, and artists on issues of faith and vocation.

Leading our conversation were lecturers and preachers Gary Dorrien, Episcopal priest and Parfet Distinguished Professor and Dean of the Stetson Chapel at Kalamazoo College in Michigan; Vincent G. Harding, Professor of Religion and Social Transformation at Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado and former director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Center in Atlanta, Georgia; Karen Lebacqz, Robert Gordon Sproul Professor of Theological Ethics at PSR and United Church of Christ minister; Ann M. Svennungsen, a Lutheran pastor and newly elected President of the Fund for Theological Education; and Mary Donovan Turner, PSR Carl Patton Associate Professor of Preaching and a minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

A panel of seasoned youth advocates and mentors explored issues of youth and vocation, sharing diverse models of youth empowerment and encouraging us to inspire and accompany younger generations as they make important decisions in their lives.

Conference workshops focused on issues of personal and religious vocation and related topics, including Spirituality and Vocation, Personality and Vocational Choice, Equipping Congregations for Ministry in Daily Life, Pastoral Care and Politics, Supporting Arts Ministries, Teaching and Organizing Congregations in an Election Year, Martin Luther and the Priesthood of All Believers, Sexual Identities and Pastoral Vocations, Helping Youth Find Voice, Vocation and Theological Education, Community-Based Ministry and Service, and many other issues. Workshop leaders include PSR faculty and other pastors, scholars, artists, community organizers, and youth advocates.

This year's event also featured a special celebration honoring Earl Lecturer and PSR ethics professor Karen Lebacqz's world-renowned scholarship and her many years of service at PSR. She will be retiring from her teaching duties at the school in summer 2004.

For audio tapes of the conference, contact Conference Recording Services. Download the conference program book in PDF format.

For more information, please contact the Earl Lectures conference office at 510/849-8274.