Vivian Chavez - Tuesday Night Talk: Cultural Humility, Moving, & Breathing Awareness

July 31, 2012

Cultural humility refers to a lifelong commitment to self-reflection, redressing power imbalances, and developing and maintaining mutually respectful dynamic partnerships based on mutual trust.  From a cultural humility perspective, the most serious barrier to culturally relevant teaching and leadership development is not a lack of knowledge of the details of any given cultural orientation but structural and interpersonal relationship issues including the failure to develop a respectful attitude toward diverse points of view.  This event will introduce the concept of cultural humility and through movement & breathing awareness engage with what it means.  The goal is to create a safe space for dialogue and practice.  Attention will be paid to the body/mind connection as an important nexus for diversity teaching & learning. Professional training institutions, community organizations, and schools of many disciplines have used the principles of cultural humility in their work to influence the content of interpersonal relationship and systems change.