Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Pacific School of Religion (PSR) offers three payment plans to assist the students in meeting the costs of education.

Plan AFull Payment: Payment is due in full by the end of the late registration period.

Plan BPayment Plan: 25% down and 3 monthly installments.

  • Payment plan application along with 25% of the balance due must be received in the PSR Business Office by the end of the late registration period.
  • Student must not have any outstanding accounts with PSR nor have had more than 2 late payments in past semesters to qualify for Plan B.
  • Monthly installments are due by the 15th of each month beginning the first month after the late registration period. The student is responsible for making such payments; reminder statements will not be sent by PSR.
  • If the student makes adjustments to registration after the late registration period which result in additional tuition and/or fees, the payment plan installments will be adjusted to include such additional tuition and fees.
  • Accounts with a late payment will be assessed a $10 non-refundable fee on the 16th of that month.

Plan C—Financial Aid, Scholarships and/or Stipends: This option is available only to financial aid, scholarships and/or stipends for the applicable semester.

  • All financial aid, scholarships and/or stipends will be applied first to any outstanding balances due to PSR.
  • Students who do not file financial aid applications by the deadlines imposed by the Financial Aid office and therefore do not have aid available by the end of the late registration period must use either Plan A or Plan B. Once aid is received, it will either be refunded to the student if all accounts are paid in full or will be applied to Plan B amounts due.
  • Funds received in excess of amounts due for tuition and fees will be deemed to be used for living expenses and will be refunded to the student if there are no other account balances due or will be applied to housing expenses if the student rents from PSR.
    • For foreign students subject to IRS 1042 taxes, an amount of at least 14% will be withheld from this payment.
  • If funds have been refunded to the student and the student subsequently makes changes to their registration that results in additional tuition and/or fees, the student is responsible for payment to PSR when such additional amounts are incurred.

Payment Methods

E-Check, Credit Card, Check, Cash, and Money Order Payments:

  • On-line through Web Advisor by E-Check or Credit Card - Ecommerce FAQs and View Accounts and Make Payments
  • By mailing check or money order to Pacific School of Religion,  c/o Business Office
  • In person by check, cash or money order at the Business Office.
  • Any returned checks will be charged a minimum of either $10 or the bank fees incurred by the PSR, whichever is greater.
  • Failure to make timely payment as described below may be cause for termination of enrollment for the semester and will result in PSR withholding transcripts and placing a hold on future registration until such amounts are paid in full, including late payment fees.
  • If an account is not paid in full by the end of the term, the student shall pay any and all actual and reasonable costs of collection incurred by PSR. In the event that an action is brought by PSR to enforce the terms of this payment plan, the student shall pay all costs of this action including reasonable attorney’s fees.
MDiv, MTS, CTS, CSS, CSSC, CST, CAPS, CSR, Special Student*
Cost per credit $700

GTU Common MA
First two years
(full course load)
M.A. continuing relations fee
(after two years of full course load)


NOTE: More than 12 credits per semester for fall and spring, and all intersession and summer term charged at the per credit fee.

DMin $600/credit
(See DMin program manual for more information)
DMin supervision fee $54/semester
DMin extension fee $218/semester
Continuing Education $186/CEU

Tuition by credit or course

For auditors $350/credit
Alumni, Field Education Mentors, Adjunct Faculty,
Emeriti, Employees, student spouses, and
special guests of PSR
see chart

Additional fees may apply for clinical pastoral education (CPE) and field education internships. Contact the Field Education Office at fielded[at]psr[dot]edu or 510/849-8261 for more information.

Tuition Refund Policy

  1. Before end of third week: full tuition
  2. Before end of sixth week: 50% of tuition
  3. After the sixth week: no refund

Students with federal Title IV financial aid are subject to the R2T4 calculation; further information is available from the GTU financial aid office.


Application processing fee
Enrollment deposit
(Applied to tuition if student registers)
Community Association of PSR (CAPSR) fee $40/semester
Information technology fee
(Supports student email accounts, computer room, etc.)
Contextual learning fee
(MDiv students only)
Supervision fee
(CPE or registered for 0 credits)

Incidental fees

Late registration fee $100
Change in enrollment
(per change)
Transcripts $15/copy
Leave of absence (GTU MA) $100
Library/ID card replacement $15
Diploma replacement $50

Health insurance

Students enrolled for nine or more credit in any one semester must enroll in the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) Health Insurance Plan for Students (HIPS) or provide proof of health insurance that has comparable benefits.

The GTU HIPS provides one plan through Kaiser Permanente, a comprehensive insurance plan. Student dependents may also enroll in the same plan.

Eligibility: Any student enrolled for six (6) or more credits in a semester is eligible to participate in the GTU Health Insurance Program for Students (HIPS). Any student enrolled for nine (9) or more credits in a semester must have health insurance, either the GTU HIPS or a plan of comparable benefits.

  Fall 2015 Spring 2016 Annual
Student $1626.90 $1626.90 $3253.80
Student and spouse $3579.18 $3579.18 $7158.36
Student and child(ren) $3253.80 $3253.80 $6507.60
Student, spouse, child(ren) $5206.08 $5206.08 $10,412.16
Health Insurance late fee     $35
Effective Dates 9/1/15–

Room and Board

PSR offers a wide range of housing and meal plans, accommodating resident single students, families, and commuters. (*Please see the Housing Policy for complete details.)

Housing confirmation fee
(Due with contract)
Housing Contract Cancellation Fee $523*
Dormitory room and board, academic year
(Includes meal plan; does not include summer months)
$4,340/semester or
$8,680/academic year
Summer Dormitory room (residents)
June-Aug(Does not include meals)
$538/month, or $53/day
Summer Dorm Lockup


Summer One Bedroom Apartment $105 per day*

PSR apartments (does not include meals)

Studio (PSR student) $4,730/semester
Studio (Non-PSR student) $6,525/semester
One-bedroom apartment (PSR student) $5,740/semester
One-bedroom apartment (Non-PSR student) $7,920/semester
Two-bedroom apartment (PSR student) $6,660/semester
Two-bedroom apartment (Non-PSR student) $9,185/semester
Three-bedroom apartment (PSR student) $7,770/semester
Three-bedroom apartment(Non-PSR student) $10,720/semester
Block 25 dining card
(covers 25 meals in PSR dining hall per semester; required of all full-time non-dormitory students)
Commuter room $37/night

Guest rooms (tax included)

Private room with private bath $83/night
Dorm room with shared bath and living space $53/night

Meal Plans

Dormitory Resident $2,140/semester
Block 25: $198/block of 25
Individual meals
(available only during academic year)

Other fees

Pet fee $76/semester or
Later or Missing Payment $76
Residential parking fee $71/month or
Commuter parking fee $7/day or
$61/ten days
Summer Session Commuter parking fee $6/day or

Please note that most fees are likely to increase by about
6% each July.

Policy on Student Account Payment

1. Students with outstanding balances on their PSR account (tuition, rent, fees, emergency loans, etc.) who are not on a payment plan at the time of Early Registration in a given term will not be permitted to pre-register for the upcoming term.

2. Students with any outstanding balance from prior terms at the time of General Registration will not be permitted to register for courses.

3. Students whose account is not paid in full on May 1 prior to graduation will be blocked from receiving diplomas and transcripts.

Students with concerns about the effect of their unpaid account on their registration or graduation eligibility should see Patrick O'Leary (, 510/649-8274)

Contact Business Office

Patrick O'Leary
201 Holbrook Hall