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Saturday Workshops and Weekend Retreats

Summer Session at PSR offers more than just courses: a series of weekend workshops and retreats that offers a wonderful chance for further enrichment. Whether you're already taking a course during the week and want to enhance what you're learning with a short course, or whether you are a commuter student who can't attend during the week but want to take part in Summer Session, PSR's workshops and retreats provide several exciting options.


pencilsSaturday Workshop: Unlocking Creativity - A Writing Workshop

Instructor: Chris DeLorenzo
Dates and Times:
Saturday, July 9; 10am - 4pm
Writers need a place to explore ideas and generate first draft writing, and this workshop is the perfect place to do that. Utilizing the Amherst Writers and Artists method (AWA), this class provides a safe environment, offering spontaneous writing exercises that help unlock ideas for poems, narratives, essays, and dialogue.

Each class offers students several writing sessions. After writing, students volunteer to read their work out loud and receive only positive feedback. This type of feedback from the instructor, as well as the other students, allows writers to really hear what's working in their first drafts, and helps them to build confidence and develop new projects. Participants get hands-on experience, which they can take with them to teach or serve others. Therefore, the purpose of this workshop is twofold: (1) to enable the artist in each person to become more free, more able to write, and (2) to model a methodology and use writing to create a healing community.



InterPlaySaturday Workshop: InterPlay Secrets for Effective Church Groups

Instructors: Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter
Dates and Times:
Saturday, July 16; 10am - 4pm

Do you want the members of your church or non-profit to have more ease, more satisfaction, less struggle and less resistance? Learn to draw on the wisdom of the “group body”:

  • create webs of connection that make a group healthy and functional
  • decrease stress and increase positive behaviors
  • use affirmation as a tool for individual and group growth
  • unlock the hidden skills of the “right–brainers” and the “left–brainers”
  • learn how to create change in your congregation or organization

On top of shifting your thinking about congregations, groups and communities, you will learn practices that make a difference! Get cutting edge insights on diversity, collaboration, creativity and adapting to change.



graffitiSaturday Workshop Series: Inner-Urban Ministry

Offered by PSR partner Refuge Institute
Refuge Institute staff
Dates and Times:
Saturdays, July 19, 23, and 30, and August 6; 10am - 4pm
Description: The Inner-Urban Ministry series is comprised of four Saturday workshops exploring critical issues in progressive inner-urban ministry, including youth, justice, health, and interfaith collaboration. Workshops are geared to clergy, lay leaders, community leaders, and seminary students. The emphasis will be on the practical aspects of inner-urban ministry, taught by faculty with experience in both theological and practical aspects of ministry. 

Workshops, from 10 am to 4 pm, may be taken as an entire series (recommended; $250 for 2.0 CEUs or $190 for non-credit students ), or as individual courses ($80 apiece for .5 CEUs or $60 apiece for non-credit students).

  • Saturday, July 16: Urban Youth
    Instructor: Toni Dunbar
    Characteristics and best practices for social and ministry engagement
  • Rescheduled: Saturday, September 24: Urban Justice
    Instructor: Lateefah Simon
    Gaining “street cred,” police relations, advocacy and lobbying city hall
  • Saturday, July 30: Urban Health
    : Ann Ameling, w/ Janet Constantino & Anne Hughes
    The environment; access to education, transportation, food, health care
  • Saturday, August 6: Urban Interfaith
    : Toni Dunbar
    Theological relevance, partnership and cross-pollination

Course Credits & Cost: Full series: 2.0 CEUs - $250; non-credit - $190. Individual workshops: 0.5 CEUs - $80; non-credit - $60.
Registration: Go to or contact or 510/629-3646.



Saturday Workshop: Mediation for Ministry

Instructor: William Harralson
Dates and Times:
Saturday, July 23; 10am - 4pm
This workshop is an introduction to mediation.  We will explore the basic concepts and process of mediation as a response to congregational, ministerial and other inter-personal conflict.    Particular emphasis will be given to the transformative model of mediation in as much as the core principles are compatible with Judeo-Christian conceptions of love, justice, and reconciliation.  A fundamental understanding of mediation is intended to broaden the scope of each student’s development in the area of pastoral leadership.  This course is designed for clergy, seminarians, and lay leaders of all faith communities.  
Course Credits & Cost: 0.5 CEUs - $80
Course Number: PS-0010 (CEUs)

This workshop has been cancelled.


Spiral WaySaturday Workshop: Discernment Retreat for GTU Students

Instructor: Joellynn Monahan
Dates and Times:
Saturday, July 30; 10am - 4pm
Description: As a graduate student you balance academics, work, relationships, self-care and participation in a faith community and/or spiritual practice.  It is also a time of intense growth and transformation full of questions requiring your attention.  Retreat time is a necessity, not a luxury.  Choose this day to center, reflect, and discern in community.  Bring all of who you are to engage the source of your faith and share in the witness and collective wisdom of the gathered community!  An intentionally multi-faith retreat designed for current GTU students who have completed at least one semester of study.

Registration for this retreat is closed.
Course Credits & Cost: - $80 (no CEUs available)
Course Number:


poetrySaturday Workshop: Poetry as a Spiritual Practice

Instructor: Christina Hutchins
Dates and Times:
Saturday, August 6; 10am - 4pm
Description: During the first month after the Twin Towers fell, nearly a decade ago, usually-obscure books of poetry rose to the tops of bestseller lists across the country. When we memorialize the living and dying of another beloved life, when we celebrate human birth, when a relationship fails or we fall in love, and even when we are lost to ourselves, we turn to poetry for nourishment, as a mode of sustenance that honors both the beauty and the tragedy of felt living. Poems provide comfort, joy and succor for the wild motions of our souls. Poetry is for human spirits. Poetry is also of human spirits, and the making of poems can open us and free us into the flow of the Spirit.

This is a workshop for everyone who wants to spend an intense day creating new poems. Both utter beginners and advanced, published poets are invited to simultaneously develop the craft of poetry and deepen connections with the Spirit. We will spend the day loving language and loving the holy, and immersed in the flow of poems. The poetry of others will become part of us, and our own new poems will come into existence as we are gathered.   

Registration for this workshop is closed.

Course Credits & Cost: 0.5 CEUs - $80
Course Number: RA-0002 (CEUs)


enneagramWeekend Retreat: The Enneagram: A Tool for Spiritual Growth

Offered by PSR partner school Church Divinity School of the Pacific
Michelle Meech
Dates and Times:
Weekend retreat, Friday through Sunday, July 15-17
Description: The Enneagram (ANY-A-GRAM) has become widely used in the past 15 years as a tool for personality typing.  But the Enneagram is really a map, a treasure map of sorts, whose power lies in showing us how we are challenged to grow spiritually.  This weekend retreat will focus on developing skills to use the Enneagram as means to deepen our relationship with God.  Appropriate both for those who have used the Enneagram for years as well as those who are new to it, this retreat will invite participants to engage in discussion and small group work in addition to the talks given by the retreat leader. So that you can come to the retreat knowing your Ennea-type, an additional session will be held on Thursday night from 7-9 for those who are brand new to using the Enneagram and have yet to discover their type.

Registration for this retreat is closed.

Course Credits & Cost: 2 CEUs - $250


NasaWeekend Retreat: Dreaming As a Spiritual Practice

Offered by PSR partner school Church Divinity School of the Pacific
Instructor: Steven Bauman
Dates and Times:
Weekend retreat, Friday through Sunday, August 5 - August 7
Description: Whether we remember them or not, each night our dreams offer insights, which when explored can lead to tremendous personal, spiritual, and cultural growth and transformation. We welcome all levels, novices and longtime dream tenders, to join us on this retreat as we examine the source, meaning, and purpose of our dreams. Through sharing our dreams and group dreamwork, we will acquire familiarity with the multiple dimensions of dreaming as a spiritual practice as well as develop skills for ongoing exploration of the many layers of meaning in dreams for ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities.

Registration for this workshop is closed.
Course Credits & Cost: 2 CEUs - $250


CWCTuesday Workshop: Bringing Spirituality Out of the Closet

Offered by the Bay Area Coalition of Welcoming Congregations, a partner of PSR's Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry
Instructor: CWC Staff
Dates and Times:
Tuesday, August 16, 2011, 11:30am-5:30pm
Location: South San Francisco Conference Center (255 S. Airport Blvd., South San Francisco)
Description: The Coalition of Welcoming Congregations is pleased to host a retreat for clergy and lay leaders to gather for networking, education, and strategizing around best practices for LGBTQI inclusion into their places of worship.
Course Credits & Cost: 0.5 CEUs are available. Lunch is provided, and participants will receive a Tool Kit that includes resources for welcoming congregations.
Registration: (print step-by-step instructions) Registration


Wednesday Workshop:"Faith and Aging: A Conference for LGBTQI Spiritual Justice"


Offered by the Bay Area Coalition of Welcoming Congregations, a partner of PSR's Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry
Amber Hollibaugh
Dates and Times: Wednesday, August 17, 2011, 11:00am-5:30pm
Location: St. Paul's Episcopal Church (114 Montecito Ave., Oakland, CA)
Description: A FREE half-day conference hosted in a welcoming congregation that helps seniors, clergy, and those who advocate for communities that welcome their elders and value their wisdom to create connections and community within Bay Area synagogues, churches, and sanghas. Come hear LGBTQI aging advocate Amber Hollibaugh and others address the issue of creating spiritual justice for LGBTQI seniors who have been marginalized by religion.
Course Credits & Cost: 0.5 CEUs are available. Lunch is provided, and participants will receive a Tool Kit that includes resources for welcoming congregations.
Registration: (print step-by-step instructions) Registration



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We reserve the right to change course descriptions, instructors, dates and hours of instruction, meeting places, and prices. In the event of a conflict between printed material and information on this Web site, the information on this Web site takes precedence. Courses that have been cancelled due to low enrollment may be absent from this list. Please contact the Summer Session Office for any questions regarding cancelled courses. Before registering please ensure that you have read the information included on the Registration and Logistics page, including information about refunds.