Summer Session 2010 - Saturday Workshops

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Saturday Workshops

PSR was pleased to offer several workshops each Saturday of Summer Session 2010. They were open to all who wished to participate, and participants had the option of taking CEUs for their attendance. These were the workshops offered during Summer Session 2010; for information on Summer Session 2011, please click here.

Poetry as a Spiritual Practice
Bass book coverInstructor: Ellen Bass (
Dates and Times: Saturday, July 10, 10:00am – 4:00pm
Units/Cost:  General Attendance ($155)
Attendance with 0.5 CEUs ($155)
Student Rate ($135)
Poetry is the practice of paying attention. It's the practice of being fully present in our lives, open to the beauty and the pain, the glorious and the wretched. Like prayer, poetry is a path to seeing the divine in the ordinary. Metaphor itself is a way of apprehending the similarities in seemingly unrelated things. All poetry had its roots in religion—as ritual for both celebration and lamentation. And poetry continues to ask the essential questions: who are we? why are we here? where are we going?

In this workshop, we'll talk about poetry as a spiritual practice and read some poems which reflect this. Then we'll write our own poems by paying close attention and striving to be accurate through the use of detail and description. There'll also be an opportunity to share our poems for those who wish to do so.

Both beginning and experienced writers are welcome. The practice of poetry, like prayer or meditation, is meaningful whether you are attempting it for the first time or whether you've been working at it for decades. It's good to come with "beginner's mind" and the courage to discover the unexpected.

Followed by a poetry reading by Ellen Bass, free and open to the public.

FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC:  A Poetry Reading with Ellen Bass
Bass book coverInstructor: Ellen Bass (
Dates and Times: Saturday, July 10, 4:30pm
Cost:  Free to the public.  No registration required.
Description: Renowned Santa Cruz poet gives a reading of her poetry, including works from her latest book, The Human Line.

“Poetry,” writes best-selling author Ellen Bass, “is the way I pay attention, appreciate, give praise, struggle, grieve, rage, and pray. It’s the way I embody my love for the world.”

The Human Line, Bass’ seventh book of poems, startles with its precise detail, intimate images, and wild metaphors. Bass brings attention to life’s endearing absurdities, and many of the poems flash with a keen sense of humor. She also faces many of the crucial moral dilemmas of our time—genetic engineering, environmental issues, continuous war, heterosexism—and grounds her vision in the small, private workings of the heart.

This event follows her day-long "Poetry as a Spiritual Practice" workshop.

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Interfaith Spiritual Practice
HalpernNurtured by Spirit - Fed by Prayer:
Exploring Creative & Interfaith Spiritual Practices to Re-vitalize Our Lives

Instructor: Gina Rose Halpern (
Dates and Times: Saturday, July 17,10:00am – 4:00pm
Units/Cost:  General Attendance ($55)
Attendance w/ 0.5 CEUs ($55)
Student Rate ($40)
Description: What nurtures us spiritually? What feeds our hungry souls and revitalizes our lives? This workshop will be a feast of prayer and Spirit. We will enter the process of deepening our experience of life through a journey into prayer modalities, creative expression, and connection with world faith traditions.

Even those of us who have had a vital prayer life for many years may hit dry periods or enter dark nights of the soul. How can we reinvigorate our connection with the Source, or simply experience deeper joy? The goal of this day is to help each individual access the nourishing aspects of prayer, and explore new ways of knowing the Divine.

In the morning we will explore spiritual practices from the Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  This will include engaging with Lectio Divina in traditional and contemporary modes, through scripture, and the poetry of Rumi and Mary Oliver. In the afternoon we will journey to the East and drink from the wells meditation and mandala making. We will explore the language of faith and interfaith in silence and song, poetry and prayer.
*Image copyright Gina Rose Halpern


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Mediation for Ministry: Responding to Congregational Conflict
handshakeInstructor: William S. Harralson, J.D. (




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Engage: Exploring Nonviolent Living with Pace e Bene
EngageInstructor: Pace e Bene