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Holbrook Hall

Howard Thurman Evening Workshops with Dr. Liza Rankow

July 21 & 23, 6:30pm

Howard Thurman was a 20th century religious leader and thinker whose prophetic vision and quiet mentorship were instrumental to Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others in the struggle for freedom and justice. Thurman emphasized the importance of continually nourishing and replenishing our spirits in order to sustain both the vitality and the integrity of our activism. And he taught that activism itself can be engaged as a spiritual discipline!

Join us for this special two-part workshop as we explore Thurman's life and teachings, and what they have to say to us today to guide our personal spiritual development, our relationships with one another, and our work for a better world. We will rely on video and audio recordings of Thurman, selected readings (provided on the first night), and lively discussion! All are warmly welcomed.  Learn more

Micro-Certificate in Transformative Community Building

Learn to incorporate spiritual practices that sustain and enhance your work.  Two engaging evening workshops and an urban monastic retreat may be taken individually for enrichment, or together to earn the new micro-certificate. details

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Summer is a time to indulge in learning and community.  Everyone is invited.  Change the world and change yourself this summer.  At Pacific School of Religion.

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