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PSR depends on the dedicated work of its students and is pleased to offer on-campus employment opportunities. These jobs allow students to contribue to the PSR community and work in an environment that appreciates a student's need to balance academic work and employment. A number of positions are available across various aspects of the school's work, from admissions to facilities.

Students are a vital part of the operation of most departments. Students should be aware of the fact that departments are reliant on the services students contribute just as they depend on the work performed by the career staff. For this reason, the following student responsibilities are listed to give students an idea of what is expected of them as employees.

Scheduling: PSR recognizes that for student employees their priority is their academic work. there is a level of flexibility for many student employment positions that would not exist in other job environments. However, both student employees and supervising staff are responsible for ensuring that work hours and duties are understood at all times. Students rely on work as a source of income and staff rely on students to accomplish a great deal of work. If either the student or staff member need to change hours or will not be available during scheduled hours, they must communicate this to the other in a timely manner. Students should notify their supervisors in a generally within 24 hours whenever it is necessary to be absent from work.

Adhere to Policies: Abide by the policies and guidelines of your employing department and observe appropriate workplace behaviors. Remember you represent your department's interests to other students, faculty, and visitors to the school.

Perform Work Duties: Students should report to work on time and remain working until the specified hours are completed. While on the job, all of your tasks should be work related. Homework and other personal activities should be saved for times when you are not working.

Maintain Confidentiality: Students should maintain confidentiality regarding workplace issues and information including, but not limited to, releasing or sharing information about other students. This includes not discussing job-related information in an off-the-job context. PSR takes violations of confidentiality very seriously, and may discipline employees for breaching it.

Additional Responsibilities: Students should notify their supervisor of any change in class schedule which may affect their work schedule. Students should also give their supervisors as much notice as possible (1-2 weeks preferable) if they plan to terminate employment.

Every position is different, and not every department has the same policies. Obligations and responsibilities (except for those listed above) will vary. Ask your supervisor for the obligations that pertain to your position and your department.

International Student Employment

International students attending Pacific School of Religion and other member schools in the Graduate Theological Union on an F-1 Visa are eligible to work on-campus jobs at PSR. The BCIS limits students in F-1 status to working on a campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week during the academic year. Students may work full-time during academic breaks.

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a federally subsidized program designed to promote part-time employment of students to help them avoid excessive debt while in school. Student employees who are employed under the FWS program are awarded FWS as part of their total financial aid package. Students may be employed on- or off-campus with their FWS funds. FWS jobs are available to financial aid recipients with FWS eligibility listed on the Financial Aid award letters mailed out from the GTU Financial Aid Office. Check with the Admission Office for more information.

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