Building Community: Nuts & Bolts

While the Office of Community Life and the CAPSR council hosts regular community-building events for the PSR community (to name a few, 1st Thursdays, Christmas Dinner, “Eschatos”—the end of the school year party), the majority of the community-building events are organized by PSR students.

PSR students are invited to create their networks of support by forming “interest groups” and “support groups”. The Office of Community Life and the CAPSR council are available to provide support (a) financially and (b) logistically.

Our hope is that student-initiated ministry on campus becomes part of the student organizer’s leadership and spiritual formation. Student organizers are encouraged to meet with the Assistant Dean of Students at least once each semester for guidance and support.

For a current list of PSR Student Groups, click here.



Steps in Forming Student Support & Interest Groups


(1) To become an official PSR student group, you need to fill out a PSR Student Group Registration Form

(2) After you have completed the form, please read the "How to Organize an Event" guide sheet. This sheet will provide detailed information about a) financial support from the CAPSR council, and b) logistics: room reservation, tech equipment, publicity.

(3) Questions?