Special Student Status

If you are not enrolled in a degree of certificate program at PSR or another Graduate Theological Union (GTU) member school and would like to take courses for academic credit, you may apply for Special Student Status. Special students are not eligible for financial aid or for PSR housing.

If you have already graduated from a degree or certificate program at PSR, register as an alum rather than as a special student. For more information, visit Alumni/ae Coursework Opportunities.

Special Student Status is available for people who:

  1. Need to take polity/history/theology classes in order to satisfy denominational requirements.
  2. Are uncertain about vocational goals and which academic program best suits their needs, yet desire to take courses for credit.
  3. Are currently enrolled at another non-GTU seminary and wish to take courses for credit at PSR or another GTU member school.
  4. Wish to take graduate theological courses for personal development and enrichment.

All course limitations and prerequisites apply. The Assistant Dean for Academic Programs will determine eligibility and appropriateness for each course. When courses are limited, priority will be given to students enrolled in a degree or certificate program. PSR reserves the right to deny admission to any student at any time.

Questions on these matters or any others pertaining to admissions may be directed to the Office of Recruitment and Admissions at Pacific School of Religion, phone 510/849-8931, toll free 800/999-0528, email admissions@psr.edu.

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