Rev. Dr. Yvette Flunder - Tuesday Night Talks

July 24, 2011

The Double Lives of Powerful Leaders: Is it Safe to Tell the Truth?

Recent news has been filled with stories of religious, political and corporate leaders whose private lives have left many shocked and dismayed. Many more have escaped the evening news, but exhibit the same behaviors. Is there a connection between power and dysfunction? If so how can we safeguard against it? How can we encourage a proactive discourse rather than a reactive outcry?

Yvette Flunder, D.Min, is Senior Pastor of City of Refuge UCC, San Francisco, Presiding Bishop of The Fellowship, and CEO of Ark of Refuge, a community based organization serving several marginalized populations in the USA and Africa. Several of Dr. Flunder’ sermons have been published, and she has been invited twice to be a guest preacher for The Academy of Homiletics.