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Summer courses introduce Swedenborgian spirituality

July 14 to September 1, 2008

The outreach program of the Swedenborgian House of Studies (SHS) at PSR offers two summer courses designed for members of the lay public interested in deepening their personal lives and learning more about Swedenborgian spirituality.

God With Us: A Swedenborgian Understanding of the Divine
Rev. Lee Woofenden, July 14–Sept.1, 2008

Who is God? Why do people have so many different beliefs about God? And how can we develop our own personal relationship with God? These are just a few of the many deep questions this course will explore as we approach the sacredness of our Creator. The course will begin with a survey of many widespread beliefs about God, including non-belief. Then we will focus on the Swedenborgian Christian view of God as transcendent Creator, as God With Us in the person of Jesus Christ, and as the active, healing presence of the Holy Spirit in our world, in our communities, and in our own hearts, minds, and lives.

The Transformative Journey: From Breakdown to Breakthrough
Rev. Hunter Roberts, July 14–Sept. 1, 2008

God breaks through our circumstances, choices, and desires, beckoning us all to spiritual renewal. In examining your life’s journey, you will discover how God has been walking with you, through the breaking and mending of your heart, to lead you to a life of regeneration and use. In this deeply personal course, you will experience a variety of techniques for personal reflection, along with readings from Scripture, ancient mythology, Swedenborg, Dole, and others.

These thought-provoking courses are for anyone who is interested in spirituality; beginners and non-Swedenborgians are welcome. Each course is seven weeks long and includes weekly readings and writing. You will build new spiritual friendships in a small, online community that is very welcoming and accessible. To register, see, or call 510/849-8930 for more information.