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PANA Angel Island Tour

March 7, 2009

Join PANA on a tour of the Angel Island Immigration Station in the San Francisco Bay. This immigration station was the port of entry for 1 million immigrants from 1910-1940, particularly coming from Asian countries of China, Japan, India, Korea, Russia, and the Philippines. The station was designed primarily to control the flow of Chinese into the country, who were officially barred from entry with the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 until it was repealed in 1943. Immigrants were processed, detained or deported from this location. During WWI and WWII it was also a detention center for prisoners of war. PANA will visit the monument to those detained at the Angel Island Immigration Station and pray and remember those being held in detention and deportation centers today.

Please visit the Angel Island Immigration Station site for more information on the national historic landmark.