PSR forms ombuds group

This fall, PSR is launching a Racial Justice Advocate/Ombuds Group. Informally referred to as R-JAG (the group has yet to be formally named), this is the realization of a goal set some years ago when a number of racist incidents occurred at PSR. At the time, there was no coordinated institutional response or a readily available individual or group trained to respond to incidents of racial intolerance, racist behavior, or actions.

This past summer, a working group from the Dismantling Racism Committee and other members of the PSR community came together to envision a structure of support that would allow persons injured by racism to have their grievances heard and responded to. What emerged was a framework for addressing that need for support, response, and the resolution of the issues through interaction and a form of mediation. While the R-JAG process is still being finalized, members of the inaugural group have been selected by the working group and were scheduled to have their first meeting earlier in October.

For more information about the group, the R-JAG process, or related matters, please contact Marquita Chamblee, Dismantling Racism Program Director, at 510/849-8249 or mchamblee[at]psr[dot]edu.