PSR in a Box

Graduates and friends of Pacific School of Religion have been called to be leaders all around the country, and even around the world. They are in a unique position to share their stories and be ambassadors for PSR in some places our staff can’t always reach. The resources below are made available to alumni/ae and friends who wish to share information about PSR at conferences, with their spiritual communities, or with specific individuals who may be a good fit for PSR. Feel free to send these documents electronically or print copies to hand out at events.

PSR: The Basics

General Brochure
Academic Programs
Changemaker Fellowship
Center for Spiritiuality and Social Transformation
PSR Talking Points

Vocational Formation

Theoligical Education for Leadership (TEL)

Sexuality and Gender

Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLGS)
Certificate of Sexuality and Religion (CSR)
Transgender Roundtable
Latin@ Roundtable
Asian and Pacific Islander Roundtable
African-American Roundtable
Coalition of Welcoming Congregations
Certificate of Women's Studies in Religion

Arts & Religion

Badè Museum & Doug Adams Gallery

Graduate Theological Union

Graduate Theological Union Brochure
Graduate Theolgocal Union Certificates
Center for Islamic Studies
Center for Jewish Studies
Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences
Institute of Buddhist Studies
Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute
Women's Studies in Religion

Denominational Materials

Jeanne Audrey Powers Scholarship (United Methodist Church)
Swedenborgian House of Studies
United Church of Christ Scholarships for Ministerial Preparation

Interested in multiple printed materials for a specific conference or event? Request materials to be sent by mail!