PSR Alumni/ae

More than 2,500 PSR alumni/ae play leading roles in the United States and around the world in churches and other institutions that work for compassion and justice. The great majority of our alumni/ae serve faith communities through work in parish ministry. Other graduates go on to serve as university, hospital and prison chaplains; youth directors and Christian educators; denominational executives; professors of religion; liturgical artists; and community organizers.

Some return to careers in law, healthcare, teaching, journalism, business and other professions with a renewed sense of vocation. Others play pivotal roles in the social-service infrastructure of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

The strong relationships forged at PSR motivate many alumni/ae to participate actively in the life of the PSR community. They offer placement assistance to graduating students, participate in students' spiritual development, act as field education supervisors and serve as trustees or on the alumni/ae council.

Among our many alumni/ae who boldly seek to change the world are:

  • a minister who has transformed the lives of migrant farm workers;
  • the founder of a GTU center that bridges science and theology.
  • a chaplain who attends to the spiritual development of imprisoned children;
  • two leaders of a seminary in Honduras who are working for social and economic change in Central America;
  • a bishop whose church has embraced transgender people;
  • an Emmy Award–winning film director and producer;
  • a renowned rabbi and Holocaust scholar.

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