Program Manual Part II

The pages listed below comprise of the second part of all PSR degree and graduate certificate programs. Registration in a PSR degree or graduate certificate program assumes the registrant has read and agreed to the terms as outlined in the program manual appropriate to their year of entry. Students entering 2010 and after are required to read:

  1. Part I of their program manual, downloadable on their respective Degree and Certificate Programs page. This portion of the program manual lifts up aspects of the academic standards, requirements, policies, and procedures that are particular to the program.
  2. Part II of their program manual, listed below. This portion of the program manual outlines  standards, requirements, policies, and procedures that are common to all PSR programs.

Students are required to click on each link below and read each page. The Statement of Understanding must be signed and submitted by the second week of the Fall or Spring term for all new students taking courses for academic credit.

Academic and Administrative Calendars
     PSR Extended Calendar
Academic Resources
Course Catalog
     ONLINE GTU Course Catalog
Degree and Certificate Programs
     [click on your program]
          Registration Instructions
     Registrar Services
          Identification and Library Cards
Policies for Students
     Academic Disputes Policy »
     Accessibility Accommodation and ADA »
     Advising »
     Building and Facilities Care Guidelines »
     Campus Security & Clery Act »
     Change of Program »
     Commitment to Equality »
     Common Academic Policies Chart »
     Community Covenant »
     Complaint Procedure »  
     Credit Hour Policy »
     Dining »
     Drug Free Schools & Communities Policy »
     Email Account Policy, Contact & Profile Information Updates »
     English as a Second Language (ESL) Extension Policy » (ESL students only)
     Extensions & Lapsed Time »
     Full-time or Part-time Status »
     Grades »
     Graduation »
     Health Insurance for Students »
     Housing » 
     Information Technology (CITS) »
     Leave of Absence & Deferment »
     Plagiarism Policy »
     Policy Statement on the Use of Inclusive Language »
     Privacy Policy (FERPA) »
     Provisional Student Policy »
     Satisfactory Academic Progress & Academic Probation Policy »
     Sexual Harassment Policy »
     Student Conduct and Special Needs Policy »
     Transferring Credits and Advanced Standing »
     Tuition, Fees and Refund »
     Use of Technology in Classrooms »
     Withdrawal and Termination »