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PSR faculty member quoted on Huffington Post

The Huffington Post
August 6, 2010

PSR faculty member Horace Griffin is quoted in an article about the transformation that the Proposition 8 verdict will be making on the landscape of America and the same-sex marriage debate.

PSR Grant/Mehserle forum mentioned in Oakland Trib

Oakland Tribune, Oakland, CA
August 5, 2010

Contributing columnist Byron Williams discusses the Oscar Grant/Johannes Mehserle forum that was held at the PSR chapel on Thursday, July 29, 2010.

PSR mentioned in Tikkun Magazine editor's article

Tikkun Magazine, Los Angeles, CA
August 5, 2010

In this article regarding "Jews Rejoice at Overturn of Gay Marriage Ban," PSR is mentioned as being the location for the celebration of High Holy Days for the Bay Area.

PSR alum mentioned in New York Times

New York Times, New York, NY
August 5, 2010

PSR alum and CLGS staff member “The Rev. Roland Stringfellow (MDiv 2006) of the Bay Area Coalition of Welcoming Congregations donned a rainbow-colored stole as he blessed their union,” reported today’s New York Times about wedding vows exchanged in a same-sex marriage ceremony (without—as yet—legal standing). The Times was reporting on the aftermath of Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling against Proposition 8.

PSR faculty member quoted in Prop 8 article

just out, Portland, OR
August 4, 2010

PSR faculty member and CLGS executive director Bernard Schlager is quoted in this article on the religious leaders response to the Proposition 8 decision.

“As people of faith we rejoice in this decision. … The American values of fairness and equal treatment under the law have won out and we thank God that justice has prevailed.” — The Pacific School of Religion’s Bernard Schlager, executive director of the school’s Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry

PSR mentioned in local newspaper article

The Berkeley Daily Planet, Berkeley, CA
August 3, 2010

PSR is mentioned in this article on why Rabbi Lerner is moving of his synagogue from San Francisco to Berkeley.

PSR alum's article posted on news site

Muscogee Nation News
August 1, 2010

PSR alum Peter A. Treat (MA 1989) has written an article for his regular column on environmental issues. This latest article is on "Mvskoke agriculture."

CLGS and PSR in New York Times

New York Times
July 30, 2010

The story "Episcopal Committee Is Working on Gay Rite" describes the work of a committee that is crafting a liturgical rite for same-sex couples to receive the religious blessing of the church. The story notes that “the Rev. Jay Emerson Johnson, a theologian from the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the Pacific School of Religion will draft the theological essay” [that is to accompany the liturgy].

PSR alumna and PSR mentioned on East Bay news site

Oakland Local, Oakland, CA
July 30, 2010

PSR alumna Rev. Dr. Toni Dunbar (MDiv 1998) and PSR are mentioned in an article about the Grant/Mehserle forum at PSR on July 29, 2010.

Along with Pacific School of Religion, the service was co-sponsored by the City of Refuge United Church of Christ in San Francisco, Seminary of the Street, Oakland, Tapestry Ministries of Berkeley and Oakland, First Congregational Church of Berkeley and New Spirit Community Church in Berkeley.

PSR Alum mentioned in blog detailing civil disobedience in Phoenix, AZ

Standing on the Side of Love
July 30, 2010

PSR alum Rev. Greg Ward (MDiv 1997) is listed among those arrested on July 29, 2010 during non-violent civil disobedience in response to SB1070.