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Gospel Concert Benefits Berkeley High

Berkeley Daily Planet
October 1, 2008

New Spirit Church at Pacific School of Religion is mentioned as a supporter of the growing music program at Berkeley High.

First Congregational Church calls 20th minister in 295 years

Ridgefield Press
September 23, 2008

The First Congregational Church of Ridgefield has called the Rev. Dr. Charles Hambrick-Stowe (PSR alum) as its new senior minister... Dr. Hambrick-Stowe will leave his position at Northern Seminary in Lombard, IL, where he is vice president for academic affairs, dean, and professor of Christian history.

PSR alum officiates in wedding featured in NY Times

New York Times
September 13, 2008

PSR alum Rev. Bryn Smallwood-Garcia presided over a wedding ceremony featured in the New York Times Sunday edition.

PSR's Involvement in Interfaith Conference in England

Hampshire Chronicle, Hampshire, UK
August 21, 2008

PSR Professor Emerita Rosemary Radford Reuther will be a presenter.

Ministry for Mental Illness and Homelessness

Crosscut - Seattle,WA
July 16, 2008

PSR grad Craig Rennebohm provides a refreshing look at compassion and caring for Seattle's outcasts in Souls in the Hands of a Tender God: Stories of the Search for Home and Healing on the Streets (Beacon Press, 2008; 194 pages).

Rachel Ciupek-Reed '07 called to Hollywood

WeHo News - West Hollywood,CA
July 13, 2008

Mt. Hollywood Congregational Church in Los Angeles is now being pastored by Rachel Ciupek-Reed as of July 1. She graduated from PSR in spring 2007.

"Traces of the Trade" airs June 24 on PBS

The Women's International Perspective

California's gay marriage law revives religious debate over homosexuality

Los Angeles Times
June 18, 2008

With same-sex marriage now legal in California, people of faith are renewing a passionate debate over whether homosexuality is sanctioned by God... "Everybody without exception reads the Bible selectively," said Jay Johnson, a theology professor at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. "The question is, how do we decide that one portion is critical to our lives while others are not? "These texts come from a different culture, a different society," added Johnson, who also serves as academic research director at the school's Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry. "They need to be interpreted," he said.

Moving Pictures: Tracing Family Ties to the Slave Trade

Berkeley Daily Planet
June 18, 2008

Growing up in Bristol, Rhode Island, Katrina Browne was steeped in the traditions and lore of her family, the DeWolfs. The DeWolf family was an integral part of the town’s identity, somewhere between founding fathers and royalty... Browne, who holds a master’s degree in theology from PSR, set out to examine this history and to try to come to grips with her family’s role.

Blessings and Anguish for Pastors in California

The New York Times
June 17, 2008

Some clergy members in California spent Tuesday officiating at same-sex weddings made legal by a State Supreme Court ruling that took effect on Monday night. Others spent the day speaking out against same-sex marriage... “We’re going to see not just one type of religious voice, which is what we’re used to,” said the Rev. Jay E. Johnson, director of academic research at the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry, at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. “We’re going to see religious figures, and clergy and faith communities on both sides of this issue getting lots of media attention.”