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Hundreds pray on eve of Prop 8 ruling

San Francisco Chronicle
May 28, 2009

Roland Stringfellow comments on interfaith service, organized in part by CLGS's Bay Area Coalition of Welcoming Congregations, at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco on the night before the California Supreme Court's decision on Proposition 8.

Kuan on post-Prop 8 ruling arrest

United Methodist Church, California-Nevada Conference
May 28, 2009

PSR Old Testament professor Jeffrey Kuan was one of four PSR faculty and staff among the 175 arrested after the California Supreme Court's decision upholding Proposition 8. He explains his participation in the civil disobedience here.

Georgia Harkness Scholarship Winners

United Methodist Church, California-Nevada Conference
May 27, 2009

The California-Nevada Conference recently published a list of all Georgia Harkness scholarship award winners, including California-Nevada Conference pastor, Edna Andres. Georgia Harkness was the first woman theologian to teach in a Protestant seminary in the United States at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, IL, and became PSR's first tenured female professor in 1950.

Stringfellow on Prop 8 decision preparations

Thaindian News
May 26, 2009

Rev. Roland Stringfellow, PSR alumnus and coordinator of the Bay Area Coalition of Welcoming Congregations for CLGS, commented that the huge participation in the service revealed the extent to which different communities wanted to stand by same-sex couples and support their cause. It was really overwhelming to hear that the participants were ready to get arrested if they were held guilty for civil disobedience if the court did not overturn the ban.

Johnson on possible church splits

Colorado Springs Gazette
May 25, 2009

"What has been emerging for the last several years is becoming even clearer now: We're on a trajectory toward the blessing of same-sex unions and the ordination of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people," said the Rev. Jay Johnson, from the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, and director of academic research at its Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry.

Johnson added: "It may mean, when there are breakthroughs in these churches, we see more breakaways."

McKinney on Interfaith Human Rights Efforts

Catholic Voice, Oakland
May 25, 2009

PSR President and Professor of American Religion Bill McKinney said it's easy to cooperate with “modern” religions having similar views on issues like torture, the death penalty, and the rights of children, women, and minorities. “We know that we have common company in persons whose religion may be different, but whose attitude toward the modern world is somewhat like our own,” he said.

Holding on to the present

Building Blocks
May 13, 2009

PSR's administrative assistant for field education and contextual learning, Maura Tucker, her partner, Patty Contaxis, and their now 13-year-old daughter, Brianna, tell the story of facing Brianna's brain tumor and surgery at age 3.

Extrum-Fernandez on Generous Leadership

Interpreter Magazine
May 8, 2009

Paul Extrum-Fernandez, vice president for institutional advancement at PSR, writes about "Generous Leadership" in the May/June issue of the United Methodist Church's Interpreter Magazine.

Faith initiatives announced around day of Prop 8 decision

Bay Area Reporter
May 7, 2009

CLGS's Bay Area Coalition of Welcoming Congregations joins Equality California and California Faith for Equality in presenting a series of faith-based events in San Francisco the night before and the day that the state Sumpreme Court announces its decision regarding the validity of Proposition 8, which eliminated same-sex marriage rights in the state.

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Flunder to receive MCC credentials

World Faith News
April 29, 2009

Yvette Flunder, PSR alum and trustee, who is currently senior pastor of City of Refuge United Church of Christ and presiding bishop of The Fellowship--a multi-denominational movement of more than 50 churches and faith organizations in the U.S. and Africa, will receive clergy credentials in the Metropolitan Community Church during a trip to Washington, D.C. on May 3, 2009.