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Alumnus called to SD

The Brookings Register
July 21, 2009

PSR alumnus David Hansen was installed at Brookings United Church of Christ in South Dakota on June 21.

Alumna placed in NH

The Keene Sentinel
July 18, 2009

PSR alumna Beth Garnaas-Holmes has been named the new pastor at Marlow United Methodist Church in New Hampshire.

MCC founder to speak in PSR chapel

The Bay Area Reporter
July 16, 2009

New Spirit Community Church, who worship in PSR's Chapel of the Great Commission will host MCC founder Troy Perry at a benefit on Saturday, July 18. Perry will also deliver the sermon during New Spirit's weekly worship service on Sunday, July 19 at 11am. See full story for details.

Kuan speaks at Wesley Center ground breaking

The Berkeley Daily Planet
July 9, 2009

PSR associate professor of Old Testament Jeffrey Kuan spoke at the ground breaking of the UC Berkeley affiliated Wesley Center's large-scale renovations.

Roland Stringfellow speaks out on "gay exorcism" video

Associated Press
June 30, 2009

In a story that was picked up around the world, Roland Stringfellow, coordinator of CLGS's Bay Area Coalition of Welcoming Congregations comments on the recent YouTube video of a Connecticut church's attempt to "exorcise" homosexuality from a teen.

Irene Monroe on "Talk of the Nation"

National Public Radio
June 16, 2009

Rev. Irene Monroe, coordinator of the CLGS African-American Roundtable, speaks about her coming out experience on a nationally-syndicated NPR show. 

Spotlight on Wilson

Berkeley Daily Planet
June 4, 2009

Mark D. Wilson, former PSR faculty member and now pastor of Tapestry Ministries, which worships in the Ecumenical Center of Berkeley across from PSR campus, discusses his life as a gay man and preacher of the Gospel.

Monroe on Prop 8

Windy City Times
June 3, 2009

Irene Monroe, CLGS African-American Roundtable coordinator, shares her thoughts on "Proposition Hate." She writes, "a government is ethically bankrupt when it legally frames a minority group's civil rights as a ballot question."

Marriage equality can be achieved by separating church and state

SF Weekly
June 2, 2009

D. Mark Wilson, pastor of Tapestry Ministries and former PSR faculty member, and Jay Johnson, senior director of academic research and resources at CLGS, are quoted in this article questioning the role of clergy as agents of the state in performing marriages.

Fall 09 entering student completes missionary work

Salt Lake Tribune
May 29, 2009

Entering PSR student Jamie Michaels is due to complete a two-year mission for the United Methodist Church this August. During the mission, Michaels has helped establish a missions warehouse in Salt Lake City.