Writing center for international students opens campus office

November 16, 2010

The writing center, a service for international students to improve English academic writing skills, now has a dedicated office in Holbrook Hall, 2nd floor, office 219B, next to the Office of International Student Support. Students can make appointments with writing coaches or drop in during the coaches' hours, which are posted on the door to the office.

The writing coaches currently working with the center are PSR alumnae Rebekah Holt, Marijke Fakasiieiki, and MDiv student Julia Excell.

Writing coaches work with students on paper development, including ideas, organization, and grammar. The center also has resources on paper development, grammar, and writing style. There are two computers, one with Internet access. Students can bring their papers on a flash drive and work with the coach on the computer. The coaches are experienced teachers and can adapt to students’ different needs and approaches.

“We are so delighted to have an office!” said Lucia Ann McSpadden, PSR’s coordinator of international student support. “This allows us to have a quiet, dedicated space where students and the coaches can meet and where we can keep resources.”

For more information on writing tutoring for international students, contact Lucia Ann (Shan) McSpadden, coordinator, international student support at lmcspadden@psr.edu or 510/849-8250.