Upcoming Online Courses/Seminars offered by TEL Program

April 23, 2012

The TEL program includes courses and seminars in a variety of lengths and formats. All courses are open to any learner, and are available entirely online. They may be taken individually, or as part of a certificate.

Upcoming Seminars/Courses:

For Christ's Sake, Take a Vacation: Self-Care and Ministerial Wholeness
with Rev. Dr. Toni Dunbar and Rev. Dr. Ann Ameling
Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pastors, laity, religious and other helping professionals are experts in caring for people.  Too often, however, the very practices shared so generously with others are not applied in equal measure to self-care.  With a bit of humor, this seminar will explore links between personal and organizational health, stress management, and avoidance of burnout for laity and clergy.

For the Bible Tells Me So? An Intro to Christian Ethics

with Dr. Erwin Barron
May 8-15, 2012

“For the Bible Tells Me So?: an Introduction to Christian Ethics” will introduce learners to the theories and practical applications of the field of Christian Ethics.  While “ethics” is notoriously hard to define, most people have a perception of “right from wrong” and therefore, in a sense, are familiar with Ethics.

Text and Culture: A Survey of the Old Testament
with Dr. Steed Davdison
June 5-12, 2012

This course examines the Old Testament in the context of the ancient near east as a product of its time.  Attention will be paid to the historical, social and cultural forces that shaped the texts and the ways Jews and Christians have read these texts.