The Umoja Project Reaches Out Nationwide with PSR's Rev. Roland Stringfellow

May 31, 2012
Jake Stafford

Rev Roland Stringfellow, director of ministerial outreach for the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLGS) at Pacific School of Religion has been working tirelessly this year to advance the work of the Umoja Project across the United States. The Project is designed to facilitate safe, non-threatening dialogue about the diversity of human sexuality and the tension that sometimes exists within African-American faith communities in relation to LGBT individuals.  

Umoja uses an in-depth curriculum and film resources to cover:
• Theology and Sexuality
• Church and Family Dynamics with gay individuals
• Civil Rights vs Gay Rights
• Same Gender marriage and families

Stringfellow has brought his leadership to communities accross the country this year to communities and churches across the Bay Area and to Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Diego and St. Louis.

For and overview of recent and forthcoming events, as well as press clippings and video of appearances, click on the attachment below.

Umoja Summary Sheet May 2012.pdf182.3 KB