Two-Day Bible Alive Course - August 16-17

July 26, 2013

This two-day course, Bible Alive: Bridging the Past and the Present, on August 16-17, 2013 is designed to expand one's biblical historical perspective, by providing an opportunity to see and experience real artifacts from the holy lands, some dated before 2000 BC. There will be a clear reference to items that are mentioned in biblical passages and participants will be reminded of their biblical contextual relevance.

This learning experience will incorporate an opportunity to visit The Badè Museum of Biblical Archaeology, where participants will be unearthed artifacts, from archaeological digs in the holy lands and be able to hear of these amazing findings. View coins from the time of Caesar and see oil lamps, much like those that provided light in the parable that tell when some were prepared for darkness having enough oil for the lamps and others were not. The experiences and reflections of this course will be one more step on each participant's personal, spiritual journey and another passport stamp on the way.

This two-day course will be taught by Lonnie Graves with Dr. Aaron Brody and will be held in Berkeley, CA. The cost for this course is $110.00. For more information and to register, email or phone 925/260-2658