Staff, Faculty, and Students Participate in Prop 8/DOMA Press Conference

June 28, 2013

In response to the SCOTUS decision announced Wednesday morning, the Coalition of Welcoming Congregations organized an Interfaith Religious Leaders Press Conference on the steps of Grace Cathedral. Meeting at 2pm in the afternoon, the event was covered by television and print media, including some live footage for the evening news on the east coast.  We were very proud to have a large contingent of attendees representing PSR as well as some friends from neighboring seminaries (pictured below).

PSR alum, faculty, staff, and students gather for a quick group shot. 

Over 75 clergy people gathered for the interfaith press conference representing Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Paganism, and the Church of Latter Day Saints. Most of the speakers referenced the call for equal rights for all, tempering their joy over the DOMA ruling with the tragedy of the previous day's ruling on the Voter's Rights Amendment. Rev. Kamal Hassan, pastor at Sojourner Truth Presbyterian in Richmond, spoke about the importance of seeing our communities as united in the struggle for equality for all people.

"The work is not finished.
It continues until the rights of all people are protected and defended."