Schroeder named new arts and religion faculty

June 30, 2009

RSchroederI am pleased to inform the PSR community that Dr. Rossitza Schroeder has accepted PSR's invitation to become our new assistant professor in arts and religion. Dr. Schroeder will arrive on campus in late August, as student orientation for the new academic year begins.

Dr. Schroeder received her PhD from the University of Maryland in 2005. Her dissertation was entitled "Painted Messages of Salvation: Monumental Programs of the Subsidiary Spaces of Late Byzantine Monastic Churches in Macedonia." She received her MA in art history from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. There her work focused on images of Christ.

Dr. Schroeder has taught courses on Islamic art, architecture, and medieval art. Her publications indicate interests in narratives, identity, and Jesus' healing ministries. She looks forward to teaching in a theological community which will provide her with new conversation partners about theological themes in visual art.

We look forward to her presence with us.

Mary Donovan Turner
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean