September 9, 2010

HLocke_sept2010The announcement by a Florida pastor of plans to burn copies of the Koran on 11 September enables Americans to understand the true meaning of the word sacrilege. Sacrilege is the desecration of that which is sacred. It matters not what the religious tradition to which the sacred object is attached or in which it is revered, to destroy something deemed sacred is sacrilege and sacrilege is a crime among all civilized people.

Our military leaders declare that this planned sacrilege puts our young men and women in uniform overseas at great bodily risk. It also puts at risk the integrity of the Christian faith which, in this instance, is irreparably damaged by the ignorance of a single infidel.

Americans of every religious persuasion and of no persuasion whatever join in condemning this proposed outrage. The voice, especially of Christians of every description – liberal, conservative, evangelical – ought to be heard in righteous indignation over this terrible display of intolerance.

Hubert G. Locke
Acting President