Reunion for 2008 Uganda Rwanda Contextual Immersion Course

June 14, 2013

On Tuesday August 27, 2013 there will be a reunion of PSR alumni who participated in the January 2008 Africa Immersion Course, which was led by Aeri Lee and Brooks Berndt. Students with gather both in person and via teleconferencing from all over the world to reflect on how this immersive learning experience changed their lives, their ministries, and how they have integrated that experience into their various leadership positions.

Alumna Catherine Lauber wrote, “I came back from Africa and had to shift gears to finishing seminary, completing denominational requirements for ordination, graduation, ordination, and then I left to go to England for three years as my first call and initial experience as an ordained minister. I know some of my colleagues graduated, were ordained, started ministries and families and now here we are, five years later.

A lot of enthusiasm has been generated about this reunion. Odette Lockwood-Steward, Director of Contextual Learning, sees this as “a great opportunity to learn from alums five years out of seminary, and five year beyond contextual learning immersion.”

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