PSR Alum and Adjunct Professor Speaking at Amplify 2012 in Hong Kong

Bishop Yvette Flunder will be speaking at the fourth annual Amplify 2012 conference in Hong Kong and will be joined by Bishop Gene Robinson of the diocese of New Hampshire for the Episcopal Church ...

Join us for "Call, Courage & Conviction" -- Remembering 40+ years of LGBT Witness

Join us between June 15-17, 2012 for a weekend of events celebrating the 40th anniversary of William R. Johnson's ordination and early advances in LGBT movements in the United Church of Christ.

Hot Topics on Cool Summer Nights

Come to Berkeley this summer and tackle the issues with star theologians, faculty, and guests as they speak on vital topics that touch our faith and our lives.The free, public lectures will be ...

PSR Alum Takes on Anti-Gay Church Bigotry

Rev. Dr. Lea Brown (MDiv 1990) is taking on anti-gay church bigots in south Florida. Here is an excerpt from her article at South Florida Gay News:

"Here is the real truth I hope that ...

Center for Progressive Renewal Webinar with Bill McKinney

PSR President Emeritus Bill McKinney will be offering a one-hour webinar about his recent research on American religion and its implications for congregations.

The Umoja Project Reaches Out Nationwide with PSR's Rev. Roland Stringfellow

Rev Roland Stringfellow, director of ministerial outreach for the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLGS) at Pacific School of Religion has been working tirelessly this year to advance the work o

Prestigious FTE and Rooks Fellowships Awarded to PSR Students

Pacific School of Religion students continued the tradition of gaining national recognition through two important fellowship grants—The Fund for Theological Education (FTE), and United Church of

145th PSR Commencement

On Sunday, May 18, 2012 PSR held its 145th commencement, granting 74 degrees and certificates to a long line of bold leaders. The ceremony was held at First Congregational Church of Berkeley. PSR ...

Sign Up for Summer Session Classes

Pacific School of Religion is committed to educating progressive spiritual leaders to prepare them for ministries of compassion and justice in a changing world. PSR's mission is rooted in our ...

Term Extended for PSR President Riess Potterveld

The Board of Trustees of Pacific School of Religion voted to extend the term of President Riess Potterveld to June 30, 2014. The Board appreciates the leadership, dedication, and good work that Dr.